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Friday, April 11, 2008

It's another day with no pics...sorry. But...I've been a sewing, crafty FOOL today! And..I have to say...my tutu's are looking SO GOOD!! AND...I have a new "chalkboard placemat" that I'll post tomorrow. (they've been made, just haven't had a chance to upload the pics). It's nice to stay busy on something other than meds, tube feedings, diaper changes, and therapy sessions. I've been getting "lost" in working on these projects...it's quite therapeutic. My hopes is that I'll sell enough to help pay for the "extras" that have ISAAC written all over them! My boys are waiting for me to make something for boys...hmmmm...I'll have to think about that one...

Isaac was able to stay off the O2 until about mid-afternoon. He just started to have this "look" on his face, and started coughing...and you know what's next...so, I hooked him up...and he's been fine ever since! AND he's tolerating his feeds like a champ. We're up to 2ozs. of the new milk w/5 ozs of the old formula. Maybe by next week, we'll be on FULL new milk feeds...whooo hooo!!! Oh...and his bum is looking good (I'm sure that he'll be glad that I mentioned it!).

ELI MADE me play candyland AND some other game (a cranium seashell game) FOREVER today...he makes me play until he wins three in a row. It's been fun having him home this week, but...I'm glad he goes back to school next week.

OK...guess where I'm going in the morning. THE SWAP MEET! (or flea markets..that's what we call them back east). I haven't been to one here...can't wait!!! I'm a bargain shopper...AND...if it's nice enough...maybe I'll take my little beanie babies and tutu's on a few weekends and see what happens. That would be SO NICE to leave the boys with JOE on a Saturday and I just hang out at the swap meet (I wouldn't care if I didn't sell a thing...the break would be GLORIOUS!!!)

So...have I told you lately that I HATE insurance companies! We're still paying for Cobra...that's $1200 a MONTH for insurance...to make sure that Isaac gets to see all the doctors that he needs to. THEN, I just got a bill from insurance. Our portion of Isaac's recent visit to Stanford (which was only 4 hours TOTAL)...is $1450....we have to pay 10% of the bill. I'm trying not to think about his next heart surgery....because his stays run about 1MILLION dollars because he's there for SO LONG...what's 10% of 1mil...oh, i don't even want to think about it. I'm hoping that there's a cap on what we have to pay out of pocket (I just need to find the papers and look it up). Isn't it just silly that you have a sick baby....and spend as much time filling out paper work and fighting charges as you do taking care of your sick baby...you think they'd give you a break when they see the "wrap sheet"!
Ok...I'm finished.

***My heart baby updates: Micah is home with his snazzy new mickey button...getting all kinds of good food now...he'll be a chubster, Elijah was able to come home from the hospital...but, he's still freakin' out his parents, and Emma made it through her heart surgery today! What brave little ones we have...

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Mandy said...

Have fun at the swapmeet tomorrow. Remember, you need to only LOOK and not buy. I know it's going to be hard but you can do it. :)

Grandma Judy said...

Your dad's off today too. He will be out looking for "hidden treasures". You two need to have a talk this afternoon!

I know Eli will be glad to get back to school. Home life is just so "BORING". Just wait until he's out for the summer.

I guess Isaac is just enjoying watching you sit there and work instead of messing with him. Did you remember to wash those teeth?

Have a good day. We love you.

hayngrl101 said...

Aaaw, Kathy. Isn't insurance just... frustrating? What ever happened to Katie Beckett?

You folks just need to come up to podunk Idaho where Katie Beckett benefits are great...

Samantha said...

Yea, doesn't Katie Beckett help out with all that nonsense?

Anyway, I hope you are having a fantastic time at the swap meet. Sounds like a lot of fun...and that would be great for you to be able to bring your things out there to sell and make some extra cash. Now that I have a website for your store, I am going to give it out to everyone who LOVES Mousey's paci!

We had our first freak out during a feed...I guess it was just too much, so I had to stop it. He got almost all the food, but I was not going to get him all upset...we will try for the full feed again at 2 today. I must say, you are right in this thing is not all that bad! It has taken away a ton of stress...added a new kind of stress, but at least I know he is getting food!

Thank you so much for calling yesterday. It was so nice to talk to you!

I hate that you have to deal with all this insurance nonsense...hopefully you get it cleared up quickly and taken care of. By the way, I am sure there is a maximum out of pocket...from what I remember, it should be the same maximum out of pocket you had before it went to Cobra...call them and ask...what is 10% of a million anyway? I have to figure that out...but my brain is not working right now...;)

Lots of love!!!

Anonymous said...

I checked out the ebay store and I love it. You did a great job. I hope you liked the swap meet today. I went to a yard sale today because it was 50 degrees earlier. I didn't even have to wear a coat it was great!
I hope there is a cap on cobra, Insurance companies do suck. They suck the money right out of you like a hoover!


Colin's Blog said...

Very happy to hear that Isaac is tolerating his feeds-that is very exciting!! Also-great news that MRI/cath are scheduled for the same day. Now all you have to do is keep that little guy healthy until then!!

jencooper said...

I hope that you had a TON of fun at the flea market. (After all - I am from Texas - that is what we call them here!) I am off to check out the store from here....can't wait!!!