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Friday, April 25, 2008

**Prepare yourselves...you will pee in your pants!!**

Ok...I TOTALLY needed to post early to get it all in (before I forget!)....and we get too busy tonight~

So....Isaac slept like a champ last night. I woke up every 4 hours to give Isaac
Tylenol and pedialyte. He would stir a little...and go back to sleep. (I just knew we were going to have an AWESOME day!) We get up and get the kids ready for school. I take Eli to school...kiss him goodbye, and head back home. Isaac is watching Yo Gabba Gabba and bouncing like a mad in his bouncy seat. I'm able to start laundry, the dishwasher...man...this is GREAT!
UNTIL...the phone rings and caller ID says "Clark County Schools!" So...I think it's Chris who forgot a book again. Nope...it's the NURSE at Eli's school. It's 10:00 (he's only been at school for an hour) and the nurse tells me that he has thrown up and I need to come get him!
hmmmm... I just started Isaac's feeds, but...I load up Mr. Isaac, the feeding pump, and the O2 tank...and take my sick baby to pick up my OTHER sick baby! I ask Eli is he's getting sick...and he said, "No,"..."it was just a bad cough that made me throw up!"
Well, that's good.
We're home now...Icky wretched a little, but kept his first milk feed down! (thank heavens!)
Eli is running around the house like a mad man (totally NOT sick)...but, I can't take him back.
Our day continues...everything
smoothe...Isaac falls asleep, I watch a little Oprah...Eli helps me clean his room...perfect...our day WILL be ok after all.
UNTIL...I go to Christopher's school to pick up the kids. We drop the last kid off...and we're at a stop sign. I see a cute white dog with a leash just walking around. I tell Chris to look...and he BEGS to go catch the dog (because it
obviously belongs to somebody). I agree....and he's off to catch the dog (while we're still at the stop sign waiting in the van). He goes behind a utility box..then, he comes out motioning for me to come over. So, I make a right turn with the van, and park on the side of the road. AND I see Chris, the dog, and an old lady on the ground. (and I'm just thinking...I am NOT giving money to this homeless lady--because there are tons of homeless people at the parks here). So, I come up and ask if the lady needs anything...(because, I've stopped...if she needs anything...then, I guess I should give it to her)....then, she says "well"...and I see blood ALL over the side of her face and hands. She had fallen while walking her dog. I ask if I can give her a ride to her house...and she tells me that she needs a minute..she can't get up just yet. So...I tell her that I'll drive to her house and get her son for her (because she can't remember her phone number to call him). She gives me directions....I go to the house (not knowing the name of the road or house number...because she can't remember it).....and no one answers the door on the house she directed me to.
SO...I go back (oh...and Chris is with her the whole time to make sure that she's not alone). She tells me that she's sure her son is home...SO....I go AGAIN...bang on the door until someone FINALLY answers. He says that he's NOT Jon (her son)...so, I go BACK to her and ask her again where she lives. She can only remember the house number now (but, that's better than before)...SO, I go back out. I decide to call information and ask for her son's name and BINGO...they give me the number and street address. The house number she gave was right...but,. she had me going in the WRONG direction. SO...I get to the house, NO ONE is home! I call..no one answers the phone!!! I go BACK to her again (and Chris is still with her) and tell her that maybe we should call someone to help her up (like 911)...so, we get the crossing guards to call while I continue to talk to her and figure out where her son is or if there's someone else that we can call for her. THEN, Isaac starts throwing up in the car...(Eli's on Isaac duty in the car
everytime I get out to talk to the old lady). I tell the old lady that I need to take Isaac home, the ambulance is on it's way, and Chris will stay with her.
I pull out and the ambulance pulls in (thank goodness)...
I get Icky home and he is just
wretching and throwing his little head up! Then, Chris calls to tell me that he's on his way home (he's walking) and he showed the paramedics where the lady lived. (because she was telling them to take her where she was directing me--the wrong way!)...

SO...my easy day was as follows:
**Isaac starts
Pharmacy still can't get Icky's meds straight...I've been 3 times to pick up lasix
**Have to pick up Eli from school because of throwing up
**Pick up school kids...
**Chris saves old lady's life
(and it's only 4:00pm).....

Just another NORMAL day in the ROLLER household!
So....when you THINK you've had a tough day....P-L-E-A-S-E....call me and I'll ALWAYS make you feel better about your life.

**AND...I have to post early because Kyle (Joe's brother), Brittany, and the girls are coming tonight for the weekend....but, I HAD to tell you about our day!!!

***OH...and I made our appointment with the Neurologist (to follow up on this MRI and to schedule his EEG)...well, that appt isn't until JUNE 3rd! URRGHHH!
I DO NOT have the written results of all the tests yesterday....I just requested them. SO...hopefully they will come in the mail next week and we can ALL research them together!!! It's going to drive me crazy until I get them!!

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Samantha said...

OMG Kathy...I cannot even believe this...I swear that real life is so much more entertaining than tv...you certainly need a reality tv show to make you lots of money...may this weekend bring you some rest and relaxation.

Lots of love!

The Jones Family said...

I cannot stop laughing..are you for real. That is sooo crazy!! Too much, that's all I can say! TOO MUCH!!!AHHHHHHH!

crabby old man said...

one thing about your life it's anything ,but dull
God bless You

Mandy said...

Is there ever a day with NO DRAMA around your family. Chris deserves a special boy scout badge for that. I'm sure he'll create one if there's not one already.

Have a great weekend.

Vanessa said...

I am FINALLY able to comment. I am so glad the cath went well and the surgery is a go. I am also glad to hear you got the records ordered. I'll be curious to see what they found. And yes, we will research together. I was sitting here today researching some of this lung stuff, thinking to myself, man how many times will I have to do this. I'm just glad to have friends like you that help me get through it.

Oh and your old lady story...OMG you have to be kidding me! LOL! I think you deserve a martini.

Colin's Blog said...

WOW! And I thought my days were rough just taking care of Colin! It's great you have such a good sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs!! Sooo happy to hear that Isaac's pressures look good. Great news and hope you have a great weekend!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Uh Muh Guh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess you didn't miss me calling you back yesterday, huh??????

all I can say is...
Uh Muh Guh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T & T said...

Yes all, let's submit it somewhere so we can watch as this story unfolds itself. They would be the perfect canidates for reality TV..so much interesting stuff happening and completely calm underpressure. You guys are still my roll models :-)

Christopher, you get the quick thinking and caring award.
Eli, you get the perfect timing award/
Isaac, you get the brave solider award!
Kathy, you get the "I don't know how you do it and do while laughing award.
Joe, you get the thank goodness for daddy's award because what would we all do if Kathy wasn't at home to bring us all these life experiences with your beautiful boys!

jencooper said...

Wow - what a good samaritan you are! That story does crack me up though - only in the life of the Rollers!!! I love to hear your stories!!


cindy said...

Funny stuff! BTW....I read this right after I read my CB comments from you so now we can add "saves old ladies" to your list of marriage qualities!! She already thinks he's cute so that should seal the deal!! How very wonderful that was of Mr. Christopher. You must be doing something right momma!

Hope Isaac's food is going in and staying there...and that Eli is feeling all better now!! Enjoy your time with your relatives this weekend!


kc'sbunch said...

It is funny you said "if you think you've had a tough day..." Thursday i thought I'd had a rough day but it was probably very pleasant and fun compared to your rough day. I got up Friday to unload the dishwasher and found that I had been in such a hurry at the end of my rough day, That I'd put a sippy cup in the dishwasher with juice in it and the lid still on, it had run through the entire wash cycle this way. I laughed so hard. I think it is these things that keep us going. Thank you for sharing

Andrea said...

What a day!! You make me laugh every day when I check your blog. Definitely makes my days feel like a cake walk. You are so good to help the old lady even with all you had going on. Bet you never thought going to help the dog would turn into that.

The Portas said...

Are you serious??? Only you guys would find action like that. Wow, what a day! Way to go Chris, saving lives!! You guys crack me up.

I cannot believe you have to wait until JUNE! Arg, how frustrating!