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Monday, April 14, 2008

I took Isaac to the peds this morning...he has a BAD double ear infection and had a temp of 104 while we were in there! So...he's just on antibiotics adn if the fever isn't gone in 3 days, then we return.

I'm in a poopy mood...I had to wait an HOUR at the pharmacy for our meds (after I dropped them off 3 hours before), they couldn't get all of them to go through insurance (of course) and I'm snotty with little sleep...and CHRIS and ELI were out of school today (all of that together is about to push me over the deep end).

So...I'll post tomorrow...and hopefully we're all in a chipper mood and our snot is gone.

**OH...Master Elijah goes in tomorrow morning for his heart surgery...PLEASE keep that little chubster in your prayers!!!

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cindy said...

Oh no! At least you know what it is now and he can take medicine for it!! Hope you are getting some rest and you all feel like a million bucks tomorrow!!!!


Samantha said...

Like I said earlier today...I am glad that it is something as simple as ear infections. That is easy to clear up and move on from...MRI and cath here you come!

Thank you again for your sweet help today...I will get the hang of this sooner or later.

Lots of love,

Andrea said...

Sorry you had such a yucky day. I hope you all get some good sleep tonight, hopefully the antibiotics will help with that. Praying everyone feels better tomorrow.

The Jones Family said...

I hate days like that! Thank goodness "tomorrow" is usually better...hang in there!! :)

Mandy said...

Have fun with your pile of sick boys. (And you pick on me about my kids being sick..)

Just do shopping on line and that will make you feel better. Take care and call me tomorrow. Tell Eli he is CRAZY.

Colin's Blog said...

Get better Isaac and let your mommy get some sleep!! Hopefully, today is a much better day and once those antibiotics kick in Isaac will be a happy boy again!!

The Portas said...

Isaac! Oh no, little one. A double ear infection? Hopefully that medicine will clear things right up and you'll be on your way to a spring and summer of nothing but good health...all of you!

We have the same issues with pharmacies constantly. My calm, totally laid back husband gets FUMING MAD every time we go to a pharmacy. So frustraing!

I hope you all got miraculous rest and are feeling better today. Sending you hugs from MN.


crabby old man said...


jmckeel said...

Are you giving him something for that fever? You didn't mention so I was wondering. Isaac, I hope you start feeling better real quick. Mom has a surprise for you, for next week. You probally won't like it though. If he is better will they continue as scheduled on the 24th? Abby

Tina said...

Hello, all! Isaac, you sound a lot like our little Nevaeh. She also has TOFw/PA MAPCA's, as well as right aortic arch. She doesn't have the DiGeorge or the cleft palate, but she does have oral aversion & has had a feeding tube all but about 3 weeks of her life! Amazing the similarities! I found your blog through Arianna's, as I've been checking in on other little heart buddies! Hopefully all goes well with the antibiotics & the snot is gone. We too have been having difficulty with the wretching/ gagging issues at night, so I understand completely! Feel free to check out Vaeh's blog, or email me anytime! http://nevaehkaylenewalp.blogspot.com/ Take care:0)

Tina Walp

Sarah said...

Okay... I need to quit whining about my strep throat & 103.8 fever! Isaac, 104??? You start feeling better sweetie. Mom - 1 hour after a previous drop off of scripts 3 hrs. before, pbthhh : p