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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why don't we start off the post with a pic of Eli at his game yesterday...
Can you see his little head looking for his mama!?!?
Such a sweetie!!
Look Megan...here's TROUBLE!!!
Two pics in a row with good eyes...and a smile...WHAT?!?!?
oh well...I lost the smile...and there goes the eye!
(isn't that the craziest thing...he is wearing his glasses more!)

No time to post yesterday...I had Eli at home...AND I let Chris skip school. We just goofed off. I did take Eli to the park in the morning (and Isaac tagged along in his stroller). The back of my beck got FRIED! Who would have though that I needed sunscreen on my neck...GEEZ! BUT...I will NOT complain about the weather here...it's PERFECT! Although...it's going to be a little cool tomorrow...only high in the low 70s (we'll have to pull the jeans out again!)

Isaac....starts his big boy new milk tomorrow. But, Dr. Baron told me to wein him over slowly...so, I'll let you know how it transitions. We haven't been given a date for our heart cath and MRI yet...but, it's just taking them a while to coordinate the two back to back (what trouble I cause!) Isaac ate some refried beans with whipped cream today. And..you know that means 4-5 baby spoons full...but, we're still making progress! He slept in this morning until 9am...I wish I would have known that....I would have let Chris skip another day of school just so that I could sleep that LONG!!! AND ...speaking of sleep...I checked my number on my bed last night (because my back was hurting again)...and it WAS changed. It was on 50...and my number is 25. I know WHO DID IT!!!

Did I tell you that Mr. Chris made the A/B honor roll again...we're so proud of him!
Joe actually made it home tonight before 8pm...I CAN'T BELIEVE it!!!

Now...are you ready for your funny story??
You know it's about Eli!
He came into the living room today and said, "Feel my mustache!"
So...I did...and I said, "Eli...I don't feel anything."
He said, "EXACTLY! I SHAVED IT!! Dad left his razor in the bathroom downstairs!"
"Yep..I shaved my mustache, nose, eye brows, arms, legs...and I tried my hair!"
and that he did. He did shave off the little white hairs on his face, his arms...and his legs! He did try the head...(because I see hair in the sink)...but, I don't see any patches.
Now...if you didn't know Eli...he did this last year. HE SHAVED his head to look like Mace Windu...from Star Wars Episode III.
Do you see what I put up with on a daily basis...I live in a house FULL of crazy boys!!!

***Micah has his g-tube surgery tomorrow, Elijah is still on for heart surgery on 4/15, AND Emma is scheduled for 4/11! Please keep my heart babies in your prayers....we love them so much!

**AND..did you watch American Idol?? That's my favorite version of "Somewhere over the rainbow"...what a cutie pie...he did such a good job!!!

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Samantha said...

Yes I did see American Idol...I love that show! Now I am sitting up trying to fall asleep, listening to the hail and rain, freaking out that the electricity is going to go out and I am going to oversleep since I cannot sleep now...plus the darn anesthesiologist never called! What frustration! Anyway, sorry.

Love the pictures as always...that Isaac looks like he is gaining weight...and way to go on the refried beans...

I did not read all the way through and I saw Eli with no hair...the only give away was the front teeth were still there...but for a minute, I thought he shaved his head! Loved the tball pictures...it is so much fun to have boys!

Thank you for thinking of us...we sure do appreciate it! I will let you know how the mouse does...the paci is packed up for him already!

Lots of love!

Mandy said...

Just go ahead and let him shave his hair again. He just wants to look more like Joe.

Have a great day tomorrow. It should be in the upper 80's Thursday thru Saturday. Go to the store and get sunscreen!!

Kelly said...

Your boys are too cute! I would have freaked out with the razor incident! Good thing he left his hair alone! I just love Eli's smile!

Hey... do we have a link to your new binkie business? I'd like to make an endorsement on my blog. Aubrey LOVES hers!

Andrea said...

Your boys are so adorable! I love the pictures today. I hope your back feels better and you remember your sunscreen today!

The Portas said...

How funny, Eli is shaving his body?? Funny kid!

Oh my, I feel so bad for you that you must endure low 70-degree temps. That must be awful! :)

I love the pics. I love the one of Isaac's big cheesy grin. And I love the shirt!

Ok, back to my crazy day at work. I want to get home to my baby and they keep giving me more work to do! UGUGUGGgg. xoxo

jmckeel said...

Refried beans and whipped cream! Poor child. I'm so sorry your mama put you through that. Eli, you are something else. You have to get attention, one way or another. Abby