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Thursday, February 28, 2008

He's still too tired to sit up....poor thing.
I let him try on my Chanel glasses....if only they were smaller!
"I can see my feet!!!"....I wish!
He's just bouncing around watching his show....

and NOTICE the shorts!  It was 77 today!!!
Eli knocked his tooth out with the Wii controller!

I can't believe it's THURSDAY already!  Our only appointment today was to get the RSV shot!  Well...you know that he shed a few tears...but, it was quick and we just LOVE the nurse that gives him the shots!  (she's soo sweet to us!)

He's snoozing through American Idol...I can't believe it!

Eli is already in bed waiting for the tooth fairy.  It's pajama day tomorrow.  He's so excited AND he gets to eat breakfast with the principal.  I don't think that little guy could get any happier.

Chris....I really don't know where he's at...but, it's quiet around here and I'm not going to look for him!  Tomorrow...all the 8th graders go to Circus Circus (yes....the casino!).  Only in Vegas...is that a field trip.  They're going to the adventure dome...and so HE'S super excited about his day tomorrow.  (I'd hate to be in that place when his school rolls in...oh my!)

I need to confess.  I made brownies last night...and HALF of the pan is GONE (and Joe only ate one...I ATE THEM ALL!)  So...I'll just keep holding down the couch tonight and watch American Idol, we're recording Lost (we'll watch it tomorrow), and I saw project runway (I like that show too).  I need to just cancel cable and I might get more things done around this house!

SO...if you haven't done so...please scroll down and look at the glasses.  There aren't too many choices in infant glasses...tell me what you think.

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Mandy said...

Eli's so funny. I got his message while we were in San Francisco. It was in the mid 60's. If I knew it was going to stay hot in Vegas I would have never came back to Sacramento.

Isaac is going to look cute in which ever glasses you get him. And you do realize that Eli is going to want a pair also!!

hayngrl101 said...

I vote for the chanel frames... oh. They don't come in his size? Aaaall riiight (I say in my ho hum voice). I like... #1, #4, & #5.

I like the round frames (1, 5) that's why I picked them... red is good, but so is brown (or if they have blue or black of course). #5 is very round and I think would look a little owlish (SUPER CUTE) but the oval frames are trendy and my first choice... I definitely wouldn't pick #5 if that is the only color they come in. The brown frames (#4) might be kinda cute... I definitely like the color, its a little more boyish and versatile.

Krista said...

I'm definitely a fan of #1...not liking #5 at all...I agreee the brown is a great color...does #1 come in brown? I'm sure he'll be super cute on whatever!

Love the pics...even noticed the missing sock on one foot! So cute!

Thanks for the pics everyday...they are just precious...especially of him bouncing in his chair! And the tooth fairy..is this the 1st for Eli? What's the going rate in LV?

77...you just have to keep rubbing it in don't you!! Sending hugs!

Sarah said...

The little brown glasses are so cute.... although little man looks awful handsome in the black glasses!

Samantha said...

I would eat the brownies too...you are right...you need to get your tushy down here and we can sit on the couch, watch American Idol and eat brownies all day...and throw pieces of the food to our boys who will refuse to eat it!

I still think that the red glasses are my favorites. I can't believe how cute Eli looks without that tooth. I cannot wait until it is Noah's turn, but I am afraid too...my luck, we will get teeth that don't want to fall out. I hope Chris has fun today at Circus Circus...I went there the one time I was in Vegas (before kids) and was not terribly impressed...I guess that means we need to come back again...is there lots to do in Vegas with kids?

Glad you got that RSV shot...ours in on Monday...Micah hates it! I think you have a nothing day today? I hope so...I sure do...I have to get my midterm tape done though...that stinks!

Have a fantastic day...and let's find us that spa...you are right, just "saying" we are going makes me feel all better.

Love ya!

Samantha said...

Oh, forgot to ask...what kind of work does Joe do? That way I know what kind of job to find him down here!

Love ya!

Kelly said...

I like #1's shape. The brown color is cute. Thank goodness it's just needing glasses and not a big issue! Yahoo! Good luck finding the pair you like the best. Bummer that you can't go try them all on the little man to decide.

Izabell said...

I came form a friends blog and just saw your post about glasses. We are in settle area and found some really cute ones for our daughter. She started wearing them at 11mths . you can see pics of them on her blog. they are made with frames that can bend and wont break and it has been a good choice) She is almost two now and still wears the same ones. different stores have different options for little ones Izzy's come in blue bronze and dusted rose (light bronze)


Cindy said...

He looks like Mr. Magoo with your big glasses on!!! I like the shape of #1 and they would look good in almost any color! (except maybe the clear!!)

Have a great weekend!!


jencooper said...

Isaac looked super cute in the glasses! He is so handsome.v v(I left that because that was Gracie saying hi!) I hope that the tooth fairy was god to Eli!!